Pandya Store 26 March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shivank Meets The Pandyas


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It is the episode of quirky incidents and unexpected meetings in the Pandya Store. As the episode begins, we see Dev and Rishita fighting over a shirt. Rishita wants to wear it for Shivank’s arrival and Dev insists that he wears the shirt as it is a formal occasion. Rishita is not able to convince Dev, so she decides to wear something else. Meanwhile, Dhara and Gautam are anxious about Shivank’s visit, as they are unsure about what he has come for.

As Shivank arrives, everyone is taken aback by his appearance. He is shown to be buff and well built, with a charming personality that impresses everyone. Shivank is also very happy to meet the Pandya family and brings them gifts from Dubai. Everyone is curious about what he has been doing since they last met, but Shivank avoids the topic and tells them that he is there to enjoy their company.

While he is there, a series of incidents take place that make everyone happy. Shivank helps Krish in his studies, and even teaches him how to play cricket. His charismatic personality and his willingness to help out win the hearts of the entire Pandya family.

Towards the end of the episode, Shivank reveals to everyone that he has come to Mumbai to take Dhara to Dubai. Everyone is surprised by this announcement, and Gautam is heartbroken. However, Dhara’s excitement is palpable, and she is eager to explore new opportunities in Dubai.

In the climax, Gautam comes to the realization that the Pandya family is like a joint family, and he does not want Dhara to leave them. He expresses his concerns and tries to convince Dhara to stay back, but she is adamant about going to Dubai.

Key Points:

– Shivank visits the Pandya family and brings gifts from Dubai
– He impresses everyone with his charming personality and willingness to help
– Shivank reveals that he wants to take Dhara to Dubai, leaving Gautam heartbroken
– Dhara is excited about the opportunity, while Gautam tries to convince her to stay back.

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