Jasmin Bhasin shared her unfortunate flying experience as she got stuck in the bus at the airport during her journey from Delhi to Mumbai.



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Jasmin Bhasin expressed her disappointment with an airline agency’s service. She had booked a flight for 10 PM and boarded a bus to the airport. The bus kept customers waiting for 30 minutes. She got onto the bus at 10:30 PM, and by 11 PM, she was still on the bus and hadn’t boarded the flight yet.

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She shared pictures on her Instagram, narrating the waiting ordeal. In her story post, she mentioned, “Guys, never book a flight from Delhi to Mumbai for 10 PM. I booked it for the first time, and I regret it…” She appeared visibly tired and frustrated and criticized the service for making her wait for so long, not just at the airport but even in the bus.

Jasmin urged people not to book that particular flight and expressed regret, hoping that others wouldn’t have to go through the same. She described how she was stuck on the bus till 11 PM after boarding it at 10:30 PM.

Air travel can be a bit disappointing when passengers have to wait, but waiting for 30 minutes without any apparent reason seems excessive. It’s hoped that the management will take notice of these stories, and airlines like IndiGo will work to improve such situations.

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