Indore Man Shoots 8 Neighbours After Fight Over Pet Dogs


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men shoots neighbour

Bhopal: Police have reported that a dispute among the owners of pet dogs escalated into a fight on Thursday in Indore, leading to the deaths of two individuals. Rajpal Singh Rajawat, employed as a security guard at a bank, fired shots at his neighbors from his balcony on Thursday night, resulting in the deaths of two people and injuring six others.

Rajawat and his neighbor, Vimal Achala, aged 35, were in a narrow lane in Krishna Bagh Colony at around 11 PM on Thursday, walking their dogs, when the two animals suddenly attacked each other.

Soon, a verbal fight broke out between the two individuals, which escalated. Rajawat ran towards his first-floor home in a hurry and fired shots at Achala with a 12-bore rifle.

A disturbing video captures Rajawat firing shots in the air as a warning before aiming at Achala on the street below, followed by cries and panic after the gunshots.

Achala, who ran a hair salon in the Nipania area of the city, was also fatally shot, alongside another neighbor, Rahul Verma, aged 27. Both were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they were declared dead.

During the fight, six other people who were present on the street were also shot and have been admitted to the hospital. Two of them are reported to be in critical condition, according to the police.

Rajawat has been arrested along with his son Sudhir and another relative, Shubham. Police mentioned that Rajawat, originally from Gwalior, had been employed as a security guard by a private firm in Indore, where he was given the role because he possessed a licensed 12-bore rifle.

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