Apple May Shut Down iTunes Movie Trailers App



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Apple may shut down iTunes Movie Trailers app

Reportedly, Apple is planning to discontinue the iTunes Movie Trailers app on the iPhone. A tech expert based in Cupertino has already initiated the hosting of movie trailers within the company’s main TV app. According to a report from MacRumors, Apple has suggested shutting down the app through a non-linked banner on the iTunes Movie Trailers website. The banner read: “The Apple TV app is the new home for iTunes Movie Trailers.”

The same banner has also started appearing in both the Apple iOS and tvOS apps. Some Apple TV users in the United States have been informed about a new section called “See the Latest Trailers” in the TV app. This section features a primary card displaying the original iTunes Movie Trailers logo. However, the title of this section is “Movies and TV Trailers.”

As per the report, the new section is not currently visible to users in the UK and other regions. When UK users tap on the banner in the original iTunes Movie Trailers app on their iPhones or iPads, they are redirected back to the TV app. This implies that Apple has not fully rolled out the merged app yet.

Apple iTunes Movie Trailers iPhone App: More Details In 2011, Apple introduced a free app for iPhone and iPad users that provided easy access to the company’s library of movie trailers. Discontinuing the app is believed to be part of Apple’s strategy to gradually phase out the iTunes branding and bring all of its video content under one umbrella.

The report does not mention whether Apple plans to remove the iTunes Movie Trailers website. The company hosted this site back in the 1990s and originally named it “QuickTime Movie Trailers.” Alongside this website, Apple aimed to demonstrate its QuickTime software and online hosting capability for downloading movie trailers in high resolution.

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