IIT Delhi Develops World’s Strongest Bulletproof Jacket: Can Withstand Sniper Shots



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IIT Delhi Develops World's Strongest Bulletproof Jacket

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi has designed an impressive bulletproof jacket specifically for soldiers. This jacket stands apart from all other bulletproof jackets used worldwide. It boasts capabilities that far exceed those of other bulletproof jackets.

Unprecedented Protection

This bulletproof jacket has the remarkable ability to withstand up to six sniper shots at once. In other words, even if a sniper fires six rounds at the jacket, neither the jacket nor the soldier wearing it will sustain any damage. This stands in stark contrast to most armies around the world, whose existing bulletproof jackets can only endure three sniper shots, whether it’s the United States Army’s bulletproof jacket or China’s.

Efficient Design

The weight of this bulletproof jacket has been significantly reduced, making it highly effective. In comparison to bulletproof jackets being used globally, the weight of this jacket developed at IIT Delhi is nearly two and a half kilograms lighter. The brain behind this innovation is Professor Nares Bhatnagar from IIT Delhi. He reveals that he has been working on this project for the past 15 years. Initially, when they began working on it, they were following BS5 standards, but when it was completed, it adhered to the BS-6 standards. The Army had provided them with the target of stopping six sniper bullets.

Impressive Resilience:

During testing, it was discovered that even if the jacket is fired upon with eight rounds from a sniper gun, it remains completely secure. Professor Nares Bhatnagar states that the technology is fully developed and an application will soon be opened for its production. It is expected that within the next year and a half, this innovation will be accessible to soldiers.

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