Amid Heavy Rainfall, Himachal Pradesh University has canceled Postgraduate Examinations



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Himachal Pradesh University cancels postgraduate examinations, including the B.Ed. exams, scheduled for August 14th. The decision was made due to the continuous rain and to ensure the safety of students. The Chief Minister, Sukhviner Singh Sukh, ordered the closure of all educational institutions on August 14th, considering the safety of students amidst heavy rainfall.

The decision was taken to cancel ongoing exams as well as future exams for postgraduate classes. Additionally, a notification was issued to close all educational institutions in the state on August 14th. The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of student safety and ordered the closure of all schools and colleges, both government and private.

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Furthermore, the Chief Minister instructed the administration to closely monitor the situation caused by heavy rainfall and take appropriate measures to address any issues arising from landslides or damages to infrastructure. District Magistrates were directed to assess the damage caused by heavy rain, including landslides and property damage, and to maintain proper communication regarding road closures and the availability of essential services.

The Chief Minister, along with the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary, reviewed the situation caused by heavy rainfall and took stock of the damages. The administration was urged to remain vigilant, ensuring the availability of roadways, electricity, and water supply. Precautions were emphasized to prevent further damage and ensure the safety and well-being of the people.

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It’s important to stay updated with the situation and take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of individuals and infrastructure in such adverse weather conditions.

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