Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2023 Written Episode


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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2023 Written Episode: The episode begins with Abhi calling Abhir. Abhir answers the call. Ruhi arrives and asks whose phone it is. Abhir replies that it’s an unknown number. She warns against talking to unknown numbers, as it could be someone dangerous who lies and lures children away. Abhi reassures her that he didn’t engage in conversation; he just intends to send a message. However, the constable intervenes, stating that it’s not allowed. Manjiri cries.

Family Interaction: Ruhi and Abhir enter. Abhir mentions that he can’t sleep without his father. Ruhi expresses her fondness for listening to stories from Poppy while falling asleep. Manjiri embraces them. Ruhi asks about everyone’s whereabouts. Manjiri shares that there was a minor case at the hospital. Abhir asks if anyone is severely injured, offering to pray for their recovery. Manjiri says that all of them will pray, and advises Abhi to sleep there. She comforts the children.

Abhinav’s Surgery and Hope: Shefali enters, and Abhinav’s surgery is ongoing. Akshu looks at pictures of Abhinav with Abhir and smiles. Suvarna cries. Separation… the play… Abhi reminisces about Abhinav. Akshu also thinks about him. Ruhi and Abhir struggle to sleep. Manjiri cries, saying she will try to persuade him.

Recovery and Reassurance: Manish thinks about Abhinav and cries. The nurse arrives and takes the blood packet. Akshu and everyone are anxious. Akshu looks at Abhinav’s picture. Morning comes, Akshu cries and does the prayer. Muskaan shouts happily and comes in. She addresses him as “brother-in-law.” Akshu asks what happened. Muskaan explains that he is recovering, according to the doctors. Akshu thanks Krishna Ji and takes a flower. She says Abhinav will recover. Manish agrees. Kairav mentions that the doctors said he’s stable. Akshu takes her blessings and a flower. She says Abhinav will recover. Manish agrees and leaves.

Emotional Bonds and Positivity: Kayarav speaks of going home with Akshu and their father, to which Muskaan nods. Muskaan hugs Akshu. Akshu asks if she is sure. Muskaan says that now Abhinav is fine, everyone is happy. Akshu asks Akshu if he can meet him. Aarohi suggests he meet Abhinav once he’s settled in his room. Akshu takes the call; it’s Ruhi. She hands the phone to Abhir. Abhir tells her about his dream of visiting Disneyland. He complains that she didn’t take him along. She explains that they came for a small matter, to visit a sick person they know. He insists on coming next time and Akshu reassures him that she’ll come soon.

Hope for Recovery: Ruhi arrives and says she will meet him. Abhir talks about his dream, and says that he will fulfill it. He also asks why Akshu didn’t come to pick him up. She says they had come for a minor case, and she’ll come soon. Ruhi sends Manjiri an audio note, explaining that she tried talking to Akshu, but he didn’t listen. Manjiri meets Abhi and hugs him. The lawyer informs them that if Abhinav recovers and gives a statement, there won’t be any problem; they just need to pray. Abhi thanks her. Manjiri comforts Abhi and says not to worry, asking why he’s silent. Abhi inquires about Akshu’s condition, the surgery, and whether he informed Abhir. Manjiri tells him that Abhinav is out of danger and asks why he didn’t come back to meet him.

Reunion and Optimism: Abhi tells her it’s Ruhi’s call, not Akshu’s. She answers the call and talks to Ruhi. Abhi shares his dreams of Disneyland with Abhir and tells him that his dream will come true. Abhi opens his eyes and sees everyone gone. Manish informs that Akshu called and woke him up, saying he’d be fine. Akshu kisses Abhinav’s hand, and he smiles.

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