Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Roshni keeps a condition


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Hum rahe naa rahe

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th August 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode begins with Shiv bringing Mohit home. Mohit expresses his love for going out. Roshni sends him to do homework. Later, she tells him that she’s considering tests and treatments for him, which saddens her when thinking about Mohit. She insists that Shiv take care of him but sets a condition. She explains that she’s open to all conditions, but before he agrees, she wants him to listen.

Roshni reveals that Shiv must promise not to tell Mohit that he’s his father. Shiv is puzzled and asks why. She states it’s a practical decision, as she’s a public figure, a celebrity, and if the media finds out, they might harm Mohit’s reputation. She assures him of her forgiveness but threatens dire consequences if her terms are not accepted.

Shiv becomes emotional and agrees to her condition, feeling unfortunate to become a father who can’t reveal his identity to his own son. Roshni appreciates his agreement and thanks him for understanding.

Meanwhile, Surili arrives, and Pammie welcomes her with an aarti. Surili inquires about Diya and Sasha. Pammie informs her that they went to school. Surili shares her surprise visit to Mumbai for Bandish. Roshni receives a call from the doctor and tells Shiv she’s heading to the hospital. On the way, her car gets a flat tire, causing a delay.

Surili is at a café, and Pammie advises her to take it easy. Roshni joins them, ordering coffee. By mistake, she answers Surili’s phone call. Surili insists her phone is vital to her life. They discuss positivity, and Roshni acknowledges Surili’s tips helped alleviate her stress. Back at home, Shiv drops Mohit off and leaves for work.

Roshni goes to the hospital, leaving Shiv a note with money. Shiv arrives at the café and observes the decorations. Surili arrives and hugs him, expressing her love. She mentions a better surprise and confesses her love for him. Shiv reciprocates, admitting he loves her too. Surili tells him that she felt he forgot her but is happy he remembered. She believes they’re lucky for each other. They continue talking about their past.

The episode ends with Roshni’s letter and Shiv’s contemplation about revealing the truth to Mohit due to Roshni’s conditions and promises to tell him soon.

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